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Local Steals & Deals

Updated on: 4/03/2012

To my freinds and family if you do not have and can not find one of the coupons that I have listed. Please feel free to contact me. I more then likely have extras. Also feel free to contact me for other coupons you may need I might well have them and if I do not well no harm done LOL (Happy Couponing)

Saved % is figured on the actual price not the sale price. For lack of room I could not put the actual price in this chart. So the pecentage includes the store mark down and all coupons.

For those of you who do not know me. I am a single father of three wonderful kids. I use to believe saving .25 cents here or there did not matter. But when my wife was removed from the house for physically and mentally abusing the kids I quickly learned different.. After thousands of dollars in lawyers fees for the divorce Were I received sole legal and physical custody of the kids and because Iowa is a no fault state I had to pay many of her bills as well as my own. In seven years I have only received one $75.00 child support payment. So we went through a very ruff time things we took for granted soon became luxuries. We went for a year and a half with no cable, internet, or digital converter box so the kids had DVDs to watch. We learned to save money making our bread and noodles from scratch. We received a lot of support from my family and friends for witch me and the kids are very grateful. Even in those tuff times I was not a into couponing. It took my eldest daughter to force me to watch the show Extreme couponing on TLC. That is when I really started to get excited about it. Do not get me wrong I am no expert and I can not save the kid of money they do. But I quickly learned I could often easily cut my grocery bill by 40%-60% that makes a big difference. With all that we have learned we are now in a much better position and have those luxuries back. That is how I became a couponer. So now we always have enough food for my family and extra to share with others when they find themselves in tuff times.

On Line Coupons
Smart source Coupon Divas Red Plum Campbells Soup Target Red Plum

Local Sales Ad's
Vinton Fareway CR Fareway Hy Vee

Deals for the Week
Item Store Sale Price In Store Coupon Manufacturer Coupon Final Price Saved
Campbells Cream of Mushroom 10.75 oz limit of 2 HyVee 2/$1.00 None None .50 A Can 66%
12 pack diet pepsi 4/11 HyVee $2.75 4/$11.00 .75 per 12 pack=$3.00 4/$8.00 43%
General Mills Cereals + you get A $4.00 in store coupon Hy Vee $2.99 $4.00 off 4 Boxes $2.00 off 4 boxes $.49 a Box after $4.00 in store coupon 88%
Lays Chips Hy Vee $1.99 None None $1.99 a Bag 54%
Lays Chips Hy Vee Drug Store $1.99 None None $1.99 a Bag 54%
Ritz Crakers V Fareway $1.99 None $1.00 off 2 boxes $1.27 a Box 45%
Pop Tarts 8ct V Fareway $1.88 None $1.00 off 2 boxes $1.38 a Box 36%
General Mills Cereals V Fareway $3.65 $4.00 off 4 Boxes $2.00 off 4 boxes $2.15 a Box 42%
Dulce de leche Cheerios V Fareway $2.99 $4.00 off 4 Boxes .75 each =$3.00 $1.24 a Box 68%
GO-GURTs V Fareway $1.77 None $1.00 off 2 boxes $1.27 a Box
Diet Pepsi 2L 4/$5 $1.25 each V Fareway 4/$5 None .55 off each .70 A bottle 58%
Scrubbing bubbles (Bathroom) Dallor General 2.5 None $1.00 a can $1.50 a can 56%
Dawn Dish Soap 9oz WallGreens .99 None .25 .74 Bottle 70%
Lays Chips CR Fareway $1.98 None None $1.98 a Bag 54%

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