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Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage
Wednesday, 15 June 2011
Gay Marriage
Mood:  sad
Topic: Gay Marriage

     Lets star off with a little about me. I am a Christian headeral sexual man. Single father of three wonderful kids. I am a conservative more then a republican. I call myself a republican because that is the party that most closely matches my beliefs. Such as Smaller Government, less intrusiveness, and more freedom to be who we want to be. With the potential to be the best we can be.


     Marriage is a term used to describe many things and actions.  Were I work when we bond two boards together we refer to it as marring them no one has a problem with this. Marriage is the bonding of two things together Nothing more and nothing less.  Nearly every religion uses this term to describe the bonding of a man and a women together. But that dose not give that religion exclusive right to the word We spend so much time and energy arguing over such a simple thing as a word. But when you get right down to it no one person and or group has exclusive rights to a word.  We could spend our time discussing  relevant issues such as “Family values”.  These would be being Trustworthy, Honesty, being Fair, Hard Working, Kindness to others. I am sure You get my point here. Can anyone tell me is a single mother or father capable of teaching these things to their child? Then why is it that Two Mothers or Two Fathers are considered not to be able to? If it is the fact that You do not believe in homosexuality then That is considered a personal or Religious Value! And The Last time I checked. I lived in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Were we are told to be tolerant of others religions, and beliefs! Were the government “Shall not pass any law” restricting these rights. But yet it has happened for example (Polygamy in Utah) This is the land of opportunity and freedom. So why is it that so many people today are trying to force there values and beliefs on to others. Just because your religion tells you something does not give you the right to try to force others to follow those beliefs.


     So I say to everyone out there be good Americans. Do not force your belief system on others. Do not try to hold anyone down for the simple fact that they do not hold the same beliefs as you. If it does not harm you or your family why stand in others way of free practice of what they believe. Remember the world changes and some day people may not like what you believe. Would you want to be pushed down or around when that time comes, or would you rather be left to your beliefs?

Posted by richardvanfossen at 10:26 AM EDT

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