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2009-11-26 Two lights separated quite a distance apart, traveling in unison in a straight line from N.W. to S.E. IA, Shenandoah, US (NUFORC)
2009-11-12 Lights in the sky south of downtown sioux city IA, Sioux City, US (NUFORC)
2009-11-1 round reflective object IA, Ottumwa, US (NUFORC)
2009-10-20 flashing light IA, Ottumwa, US (NUFORC)
2009-10-4 Bright orange object seen flying E/SE out of atmosphere. IA, Eldridge, US (NUFORC)
2009-9-25 Unexplained pattern of mult-colored lights that moved, diappeared, reappeared and has 7 Iowans believing that there are definately UFOs . IA, Spencer, US (NUFORC)
2009-9-20 Bright fflashing ufo IA, Osceola , US (NUFORC)
2009-9-9 Lights moving at same speed as aircraft, but no running lights . IA, Ames, US (NUFORC)
2009-9-8 i was looking southwest i saw 1 bright light IA, Muscatine, US (NUFORC)
2009-9-6 3 bright orange oval shaped craft moving slowley over interstate 80 in Newton, Iowa IA, Newton, US (NUFORC)
2009-9-5 Two Slow Flying Fireballs Within Seven Minutes IA, Riverside, US (NUFORC)
2009-9-2 A extremly bright ball of light shot across the night sky a couple of thousand feet in the air then diappeared IA, Keokuk, US (NUFORC)
2009-9-2 flashing blue and red lights, didnt move for an hour then vanishd. IA, Cedar Rapids, US (NUFORC)
2009-8-28 5 Craft with flashing white, red and blue lights hovering low over town making no noise IA, Ventura, US (NUFORC)
2009-8-23 5 lights in shape of oval traveled from southwest to northeast sky which looked to outline one object at 3:16 AM IA, Fairfield, US (NUFORC)
2009-8-15 Large, horizontal, whitish rectangle seen during the day IA, Eldora, US (NUFORC)
2009-8-11 Flashing and strobing object, flashing and strobing military jets, and two white lights moving above the Des Moines Iowa area. IA, Des Moines, US (NUFORC)
2009-7-25 bright white light traveling north west to south east IA, Algona, US (NUFORC)
2009-7-23 Bright white light in the sky that got brighter, turned red and was gone IA, Clive, US (NUFORC)
2009-7-17 4 Fireball-like UFO Seen in Waterloo, Iowa, July 2009. IA, Waterloo, US (NUFORC)
2009-7-14 green shooting star that led me to discover a light with blue and red strobes on it! IA, Dow City, US (NUFORC)
7-11-2009 clinton, iowa ufo sigthing IA, Clinton, US (NUFORC)
2009-7-2 white large trianglar shape. Able to move fast to keep up with the car IA, Spencer, US (NUFORC)
2009-6-20 they made a triangular formation IA, Sioux City, US (NUFORC)
2009-6-18 just a glowing on and off light that suddenly darted IA, Arlington, US (NUFORC)
2009-5-15 Red glowing ball taking off before thunderstorm arrived on location IA, Dubuque, US (NUFORC)
5-2-2009 Craft making 90 degree jagged cuts IA, Ames, US (NUFORC)
2009-4-24 All I could think was "OH ((deleted))!!" IA, Dubuque, US (NUFORC)
2009-4-20 Palo Alto County Iowa 5 minute durating IA, Graettinger, US (NUFORC)
2009-4-6 veering shooting star? IA, Clive, US (NUFORC)
2009-3-19 pulsating, glowing orange object floating to the northwest of waukee, ia IA, Waukee, US (NUFORC)
2009-3-18 Fast moving light over nightime Webster city IA, Webster City, US (NUFORC)
2009-3-16 Chain formation of objects at very high altitude and speed, changing to cluster formation as they moved IA, Dubuque, US (NUFORC)
2009-3-15 Triangle object with 4 white lights silently flys through the sky very low to the ground IA, Muscatine, US (NUFORC)
2009-3-14 triangular flat shaped object,with lights blinking spantaneously blinking,turning sideways only and returning back same position IA, Indianola, US (NUFORC)
2009-3-5 Two objects iin the sky above Cedar Rapids Iowa morning of 3/5/09 IA, Cedar Rapids, US (NUFORC)
2009-2-10 Silent, colorless, tranluscent and of very large size flying at a elevation of 5000 feet IA, Hiawatha, US (NUFORC)
2009-2-2 Bright white sphere pulsing to a amber color IA, Ottumwa, US (NUFORC)
2009-1-23 object first appeared to be aircraft with search lights on but the closer I got to it the more I realized it was something else IA, Des Moines, US (NUFORC)
2009-1-14 Red-orange light above horizon that rose slowly and zigzagged before disappearing IA, Perry, US (NUFORC)
2009-1-2 Very fast moving light(green), south of Perry, IA IA, Perry, US (NUFORC)
2008-12-28 IA, Des Moines, US (NUFORC)
2008-12-28 Tringlar lights over Langdon IA, Langdon, US (NUFORC)
2008-12-20 Bright opal colored flash in the sky oround Iowa City, Iowa on Dec. 20th 2008 IA, Iowa City, US (NUFORC)
2008-12-6 A bright light 10:25 faded out IA, Ankeny, US (NUFORC)
2008-11-28 Rounded UFO Near Grandview Park in Sioux City IA, Sioux City, US (NUFORC)
2008-11-21 it was big and it looked like a teardrop IA, Red Oak, US (NUFORC)
2008-10-28 Late-Afternoon Object Not Depositing a Vapor Trail Unlike Several In-Vicinity Airliner Jets IA, Iowa City, US (NUFORC)
2008-10-25 Red light dimming in and out across the clear night sky IA, Cedar Rapids, US (NUFORC)
2008-10-15 About 7 lights in a V pattern moving across sky heading north IA, Hancock County, US (NUFORC)
2008-10-2 October 2, 2008 just after 8 p.m. Marshalltown, Iowa, saw a black triangular shaped object, with round green lights in V pattern IA, Marshalltown, US (NUFORC)
2008-9-07 Sighted black triangle with three white lights and one red. Hovers, moves slowly, turns. Little sound IA, Council Bluffs, US (NUFORC)
2008-8-31 Over Waterloo viewed from Dewar and Oelwein IA, Waterloo, US (NUFORC)
2008-8-23 Strange pulsing fireball low on the horizon IA, Fort Dodge, US (NUFORC)
2008-8-15 Changing colors of lights above city IA, Urbandale, US (NUFORC)
2008-8-4 Red light over Des Moines, Iowa vewed from Mitchellville, Iowa IA, Des Moines, US (NUFORC)
2008-8-3 Object seen within 1 Mile East of Grandview park in Sioux City IA, Sioux City, US (NUFORC)
2008-8-1 My brother and my mom were with me as we saw a ball of light moving IA, Des Moines, US (NUFORC)
2008-7-19 These lights were visible in the early night time sky IA, Solon, US (NUFORC)
2008-7-18 Flamelike UFO seen in Waterloo, IA IA, Waterloo, US (NUFORC)
2008-7-17 Five Intense Beams of Light IA, Urbandale, US (NUFORC)
2008-7-7 Small triangle shaped lights moving through sky IA, Eldridge, US (NUFORC)
2008-7-3 07-03-2008 on a cloudless nite a star in sky above iowa moving in different patterns for 10 min IA, Atlantic, US (NUFORC)
2008-5-29 object hovering with two bright lights that made no noise and disappeared into a while puffy cloud type formation and glowed IA, Solon, US (NUFORC)
2008-5-20 Two Brothers See Red Orbs Flying in Sky at Back Road Campsite IA, Country Side, US (NUFORC)
2008-4-25 Two bright lights with about four or five smaller lights scattered near it dissapeared after being seen for around 8 seconds IA, Cedar Rapids, US (NUFORC)
2008-4-7 TAn object flying from the south slowed down near our house and then quickly flew toward the NW IA, Mediapolis, US (NUFORC)
2008-3-16 blueish green triangular object 0230 little rock ia going north then suddenly south lasted 30+ secs IA, Little Rock, US (NUFORC)
2008-3-6 Blood-red orb being chased by multiple jets IA, Altoona, US (NUFORC)
2008-2-19 bright blue sphere near Smithland, IA IA, Smithland, US (NUFORC)
1-17-2008-1-17 strange oval mettalic ufo IA, Altoona, US (NUFORC)
2007-12-29 strange pulsing light over Altoona Iowa IA, Altoona, US (NUFORC)
2007-11-24 Was thanksgiving day driving back from dads house with roomate IA, US (MUFON)
2007-11-23 Triangular craft, two horizontaly level beams of lights, "Head Lights" I-380, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Near Eastern Iowa Airport IA, Cedar Rapids, US (NUFORC)
2007-11-4 Fire Ball Moving IA, Rockwell City, US (NUFORC)
2007-10-25 I looked over to the field across the street IA, Marion, US (NUFORC)
2007-10-20 Strange, Swift, 'Geese' IA, Council Bluffs, US (NUFORC)
2007-10-20 I captured a dark object moving quickly across the sky (to fast for a bird) IA, Lamoni, US (NUFORC)
2007-10-9 Light colored red flashing lights appeared in the sky in Pella, IA on 2 different days and times IA, Pella, US (NUFORC)
2007-9-19 Large orange lites in straight line formation coming on one at a time then going off simutaneously, no sound. Bt moving quickly IA, Webb, US (NUFORC)
2007-9-19 five orange blinking lights IA, Webb, US (NUFORC)
2007-9-17 Green lit-up horizon with saucer like flying object IA,Des Moines, US (NUFORC)
2007-9-14 Tiangular 3 white lighted object hovering with no sound IA, Bettendorf, US (NUFORC)
2007-9-13 A large red circle shaped object appeared out of no where and disappeared as quickly IA, Keokuk, US (NUFORC)
2007-9-5 White light, moving in different directions/speeds and stopped in the night/morning sky IA, Waterloo, US (NUFORC)
2007-8-30 Sequential orange lights in night southeastern night sky Keokuk Iowa 8/30/2007 IA, Keokuk, US (NUFORC)
2007-7-31 very bright white light that slowly dimd IA, Des Moines, US (NUFORC)
2007-7-25 Multiple UFO sitings cumulating in siting of an object that changed shape and "zigzagged" through the sky IA, Waukon, US (NUFORC)
2007-7-23 looking out my windshield noticed a object streaking across the sky IA, Cascade, US (NUFORC)
2007-7-21 Four crafts, flashing red, green and brilliant white lights, hovering overhead, one making zigzag movements IA, Cedar Falls, US (NUFORC)
2007-7-7 Orange Triangular Craft in Pursuit IA, Ames, US (NUFORC)
2007-6-21 triangular shape with 2 lights streaming off IA, Correctionville, US (NUFORC)
2007-6-20 2 points of lights resembling planets disappearing IA, Albia, US (NUFORC)
2007-6-19 Twin glowing white lights silently traverse the sky in Spencer Iowa then fade out IA, Spencer, US (NUFORC)
2007-6-19 Outside on breezeless night with neighbors talking when several lights appeared across the sky IA, Sioux City, US (NUFORC)
2007-5-22 Shape Changing Tube or Rod with Pursuing Military Jets? IA, Des Moines, US (NUFORC)
2007-5-15 pyramid constilation UFO slowly move across night sky IA, Davenport, US (NUFORC)
2007-5-15 pyramid constilation UFO slowly move across night sky IA, Davenport, US (NUFORC)
2007-5-2 Fast moving, pulsating lights IA, Bettendorf, US (NUFORC)
2007-4-23 A strange short sirun noise with two massive jet streams of smoke in the sky in rainbow formation IA, Marion, US (NUFORC)
2007-4-23 Hazed lights traveling dew north in a clockwise position IA, Des Moines, US (NUFORC)
2007-3-15 Two white spheroids merged together while remaining distinct and hovered at a distance before disappearing after five minutes IA, Ames, US (NUFORC)
2007-3-12 Blinking lights moving several different directions IA, Monticello, US (NUFORC)
2007-3-10 object was traveling from South to North directly over town at a constant speed IA, DeWitt, US (NUFORC)
2007-3-8 /08/07 to 3/13/07 Rural Keystone Iowa Oblong Lighted object/ small star like fast moving objects multiple sighting 20:00 to 21:30 IA, Keystone (rural), US (NUFORC)
2007-2-22 To fast to be any thing Ive seen as a point of light, two objects parallel in a turn IA, Des Moines, US (NUFORC)
2007-2-19 Large thin orange crescent with outline lights low in sky; changed size; possible mirage IA, West Point, US (NUFORC)
2007-2-16 Six to eight round neon green objects flying north to south in a v shaped formation at low speed and slightly higher than tree height IA, Cedar Rapids, US (NUFORC)
2007-2-6 Power outage, flash of light and two soundless hovering craft IA, Cedar Rapids, US (NUFORC)
2007-2-4 Fireball, illuminating as dropping to ground 30 degrees inclination from horizontal IA, Bettendorf,US (NUFORC)
2007-1-31 Three bright lights in the form of a triangle with pin point lights emitted at corners IA, Burlington, US (NUFORC)
2007-1-15 I witnessed several shapes in the sky that seem to have been ufo's IA, Marshalltown, US (NUFORC)
2007-1-10 a bright light appeared on the horizon IA, Council Bluffs, US (NUFORC)
2007-1-10 the object darted around until it went over the horizon IA, Council Bluffs, US (NUFORC)
2007-1-8 Observed unusual aircraft between Pella and Otley westbound on highway 163 IA, Otley, US (NUFORC)
2007-1-5 vA streaking light falling to the ground seen from east bound I-80 mile marker 69 IA, Audubon, US (NUFORC)
2007-1-2 3 orange donut shaped objects IA, Adair, US (NUFORC)
2007-1- Strange light bobs up and down three times before circling around the east side of the city and disappearing IA, Cedar Falls, US (NUFORC)
2006-12-25 A round with blue and red lights slowly moved across the sky IA, Rockford, US (NUFORC)
2006-12-12 extremely bright green lights that moved quickly across the sky and down to the horizon IA, Iowa City, US (NUFORC)
2006-12-9 9:45 PM 12/09/06 huge triangle defined by white light pattern motionless about 7 miles south of Bettendorf IA IA, Bettendorf, US (NUFORC)
2006-11-19 5 liights in southern sky IA, Hartley, US (NUFORC)
2006 -11-7 Huge spinning yellow orange lights in the Central Iowa sky IA, Stratford, US (NUFORC)
2006-10-24 Iowa UFO invasion IA, Fort Dodge, US (NUFORC)
2006-10-1 6 people saw 2 objects in the sky that had lights and were flying in zig-zag patterns in the sky while staying in the same area IA, Algona, US (NUFORC)
2006-9-29 High altitude orange light moving from zenith west to 30 degrees at incredible speed and rapidly fading IA,Spirit Lake, US (NUFORC)
2006-9-20 Wierd flash of light IA, La Motte, US (NUFORC)
2006-8-27 The Closest thing anyone will ever come to a actual real life encounter IA, Winterset, US (NUFORC)
2006-8-12 Solid orb of light moving rapidly increasing in size and brightness then suddenly vanishes IA, Fort Dodge, US (NUFORC)
2006-8-5 White Cigar Shaped Craft seen over Waterloo, Iowa IA, Waterloo, US (NUFORC)
2006-8-5 Bright White/Sliver Cigar Shaped Craft sighted Iowa IA, Waterloo, US (NUFORC)
2006-7-22 High altitude Bright light appeared faint to bright to faint IA, Urbandale, US (NUFORC)
2006-7-15 Unexplained object floating across the night sky IA, Ottumwa, US (NUFORC)
2006-7-14 Bluish-white basketball-sized light over Mississippi River and land close to Effigy Mounds natioal monument IA, Harpers Ferry, US (NUFORC)
2006-6-14 orb moving in complex turns through the air IA, Fort Madison, US (NUFORC)
2006-5-25 Strange object passing through Muscatine IA, Muscatine, US (NUFORC)
2006-5-22 very bright light light zig zag randomly while on path IA, US (NUFORC)
2006-5-14 Red dots in mid air IA, Newton, US (NUFORC)
2006-5-14 Red dots in the sky IA, Newton, US (NUFORC)
2006-5-7 a light moving from a westardly direction that was very high in the sky IA, Davenport, US (NUFORC)
2006-2-14 Object re-entering atmosphere...slowly IA, Urbandale, US (NUFORC)
2006-2-8 very bright light light zig zag randomly while on path IA, US (NUFORC)
2006-2-7 Strange lights in Iowa skies IA, Manilla, US (NUFORC)
2005-12-18 I witnessed a triangle object near interstate IA, Council Bluffs, US (NUFORC)
2005-11-22 While I was at my barn in my pasture I saw white lights and a cigar object IA, Norwalk, US (NUFORC)
2005-11-7 Large Fireball at dusk IA, Urbandale, US (NUFORC)
2005-10-28 I saw a bright circular metal object in the sky which seemed to hover IA, Eldridge, US (NUFORC)
10-27-2005-10-27 small blinking color changing moving lights IA, Glidden, US (NUFORC)
2005-10-11 strange ((deleted--sighting)) in the sky in sac county iowa IA, Wall Lake, US (NUFORC)
2005-10-6 strange flying object IA, Mason City, US (NUFORC)
200510-5 Object Hovering between 2-5,000 feet in the air IA, West Des Moines, US (NUFORC)
2005-10-4 six orange lights in formation over Granger, IA IA, Granger, US (NUFORC)
2005-9-14 Fireball/greenish light seen from various Iowa locations by many witnesses & reported to radio show IA, US (NUFORC)
2005-9-14 Fire ball in the western sky from Muscatine IA, Muscatine, US (NUFORC)
2005-9-11 Blue light that look about as bright as Venus IA, West Des Moines, US (NUFORC)
2005-09-10 Large silent capital V shape headed south, had no lights and appeared cloaked so that underside looked like stars above it. IA, US (MUFON)
2005-9-10 bright white- blue light in northern Iowa skies IA, Pocahontas, US (NUFORC)
2005-9-1 Slow moving boomerang moves across a Central Iowa town IA, Boone, US (NUFORC)
2005-8-1 Star or planet - when seen in binoculars, five lights in a circle, one in the middle - flashing a rainbow of colours - moved miles East IA, Ottumwa, US (NUFORC)
2005-7-27 Rectangle-shaped craft - silhouette IA, Ottumwa, US (NUFORC)
2005-7-24 Dark Triangle with 2 lights seen traveling towards thunderstorms IA, Fort Dodge, US (NUFORC)
2005-7-24 Iowa MUFON State Director, Beverly Trout, interviewed witness by phone re a sighting witness had reported to NUFORC, which is listed on the Iowa Database under the date of 7/24/05 at 10:10 p.m.. IA, Sheldon, US (NUFORC)
2005-7-24 Triangle shaped UFO observing thunderstorms IA, Sheldon, US (NUFORC)
2005-7-15 Silent, slow moving black sphere flying near Iowa highway IA, Iowa City , US (NUFORC)
2005-7-2 What appeared to be a star, slowly started decending toward the Southeast horizon IA, Oskaloosa, US (NUFORC)
2005-6-25 First object observed jumped from location to location instantly. Until it disappeared IA, US (NUFORC)
2005-6-22 3 lights defining a triangle shape moving slowly in a night sky IA, De Soto, US (NUFORC)
2005-6-14 Traingle UFO sighting clear veiw three witnesses and one stubborn person who wouldn't look IA, Council Bluffs, US (NUFORC)
2005-6-2 Object heading direct west moving about 3 times the speed of a plane, with one light flashing, jumping from position to position IA, Cedar Rapids, US (NUFORC)
2005-5-25 didnt notice untill my friend asked me if i saw what he saw the object was in the sky very far away, may have been in space but couldnt tell for sure. It was towards mars IA, Mason City, US (NUFORC)
2005-5-10 Time manipulation after possible abduction IA, Holstein, US (NUFORC)
2005-4-26 I don't remember the exact time, but it was sometime between 10 PM and 12 AM I believe IA, Ottumwa, US (NUFORC)
2005-4-14 11.56 AM 4/14/05 LOCATION: SE of Iowa City - Iowa City Airport IA, Iowa City, US (NUFORC)
2005-4-9 Large round glowing object falling to the South East IA, Marshalltown, US (NUFORC)
2005-4-7 Strange Light Circles Waukee/Clive Iowa IA, Clive, US (NUFORC)
2005-3-28 Half-circle mooon shaped object with 5 brownish-oragneish colored lights on the bottom IA, Cedar Rapids, US (NUFORC)
2005-3-27 lights cedar falls IA, Cedar Falls, US (NUFORC)
2005-3-11 Two objects leading a third, or was the two objects being followed ? IA, Des Moines, US (NUFORC)
2005-3-7 SAW A CIRCLE IA, Mason City, US (NUFORC)
2005-3-1 March 1, 2005 outside of Dewitt IA on I30, there were 6 lights grouped into 2 triangular configurations near the eastern horizon IA, DeWitt, US (NUFORC)
2005-2-16 dark triangle UFO, with three white lights and circle of red lights IA, Brighton, US (NUFORC)
2005-2-10 Never saw a shape ,just three bright large lights IA, Coalville, US (NUFORC)
12-23-2004-12-23 shooting star which stopped and suddenly shot upward IA, Malvern, US (MUFON)
2004-12-4 A quiet light apeared to observe us as we were coon hunting near the river it seemed atracted to our spot lights as it would follow us IA, Sutherland, US (MUFON)
2004-11-25 Triangular UFO w\red,blue lights,spinning clockwise,completely silent IA, Ottumwa, US (MUFON)
2004-10-31 I witnessed a large, golden, triangular-shaped object hovering in the sky IA, Urbandale, US (MUFON)
2004-10-18 Seen from 29,000 ft-- two "stars" stared moving, parallel to one another, and abruptly stopped 15 sec. later. Faded out IA, Des Moines , US (MUFON)
2004-10-5 V shaped formation of dim white lights IA, Keokuk, US (MUFON)
2004-9-22 Distorted lights moving slowly at a high altitude then stopping for 20 to 30 sec. then slow orangish flash and their gone IA, Columbus Junction, US (MUFON)
9-14-2004 triangle of light suddenly cruises past the stars in unison IA, Carroll, US (MUFON)
2004-9-7 Flashing sequences of lights IA, Davenport, US (MUFON)
2004-8-20 Triangle sighted on I-35 in Des Moines IA, Des Moines, US (MUFON)
2004-8-19 Lighted Triangle object hovers by major interstate IA, Des Moines, US (MUFON)
2004-8-12 Erratic direction, light(s) faded and reappeared in Iowa IA, Reinbeck, US (MUFON)
2004-7-24 disseappearing lights IA, Sioux City, US (MUFON)
2004-6-28 Strange triangle like plane that moved really really fast IA, Waterloo, US (MUFON)
2004-6-21 2 or 3 objects flashing lights that were red,blue,and white.The objects might have landed IA, Ames, US (MUFON)
2004-6-20 A craft that changed from red to white to blue, and changed in shape. then darted out of sight IA, Albia, US (MUFON)
2004-6-16 1 disk shape object IA, Ames, US (MUFON)
2004-6-10 I saw 6 bright gold lights and then a flash of white light IA, Manilla, US (MUFON)
2004-6-1 Three red lights were on the bottom of the object in a triangular form IA, Cedar Rapids, US (MUFON)
2004-5-18 oval white Halo bouncing about then it streamed acrossed the sky IA, Cedar Falls, US (MUFON)
2004-4-30 Glowing figure dividing until 7 were there, at 3 am IA, Iowa City, US (MUFON)
2004-4-28 Iowa Air National Guard and 727 watched by UFO in West Des Moines Iowa IA, Des Moines, US (MUFON)
2004-4-25 3 lighted object IA, Muscatine, US (MUFON)
2004-4-13 Two faint non-blinking lights traveling at high speed intersecting path of an aircraft (with the standard blinking lights) IA, Cedar Rapids, US (MUFON)
2004-4-8 Black triangle, no lights, no sounds IA, Manly, US (MUFON)
2004-3-13 Light hovered over several towns , it didn't seem to be a regular aircraft IA, Woodbine, US (MUFON)
2004-3-12 Dark clear night: cluster of lights IA, Rockwell City, US (MUFON)
2004-2-27 Red flash and a flying saucer IA, Sioux City, US (MUFON)
2004-2-20 I saw an oval shaped light fly across the sky going very fast IA, Sioux City, US (MUFON)
2004-2-15 A strange creature or being IA, Elkader, US (MUFON)
2004-2-10 We saw 3 white teardropped shape unidentified objects hovering in the sky for 45 sec to 1 min. on 2-10-04 22:30 IA, Titonka, US (MUFON)
2004-2-9 A ball of blue-white fire rolls on the roadway, and kills my engine IA, Wallingford, US (MUFON)
2004-1-20 I saw what looked like a fireball in the sky IA, Sioux City, US (MUFON)
2004-1-12 Blue-white fireball (24 - 30 inches in diameter) near ground level IA, Wallingford, US (MUFON)
2004-1-12 UFO seen by two well grounded college educated individuals IA, Truro, US (MUFON)
2003-00-00 Apparent 3-part screen memory scenario on Hwy 169 in 2003 IA, US (MUFON)
2003-05-20 i see them every day & night - there are 2-3 different types & where i go they go. i sound like such a nut case but it's true. IA, US (MUFON)
2003-01-02 saw 3 glowing red disks IA, US (MUFON)
2002-11-29 Alien Encounter IA, US (MUFON)
2002-11-29 a group of floating bright spheres in a formation IA, US (MUFON)
2002-10-05 Alien Encounter IA, US (MUFON)
2002-07-04 saw what looked like a window to another world IA, US (MUFON)
2002-01-22 Lighted object hover back yard 30 ft above utility IA, US (MUFON)
2001-12-25 Lights hover I-29,backflip as move straight up IA, US (MUFON)
2001-10-31 A glowing blue ball of light very quickly passed o IA, US (MUFON)
2001-10-31 i saw a large round bright light in the eastern sky. IA, US (MUFON)
2001-09-00 strange object with yellow flashing lights circling all the away around it. IA, US (MUFON)
2001-08-23 Bright light moved-hovered-changed direction NOT A IA, US (MUFON)
2001-07-10 Orange orb flying over Ames, Ia IA, US (MUFON)
2001-05-17 Silent triangle, Est. 5000 ft. IA, US (MUFON)
2001-03-12 Saw something very shiny off to the right of sun hiding behind a cloud. As I watched there was movement and then it all disappeared and there was nothing there at all but blue sky. IA, US (MUFON)
2001-01-24 It was a oval shaped aircraft IA, US (MUFON)
2001-01-20 Very large and quiet object passed over and discharged something green IA, US (MUFON)
2000-07-04 Red light transit,2 control descent,45 witnesses IA, US (MUFON)
2000-07-04 Prolonged sighting by many in W. Des Moines, IA IA, US (MUFON)
2000-03-26 Red steady light moving in spurts, w/smaller light IA, US (MUFON)

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